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Top 10 Best Bath Spa in 2017 Reviews

A bath spa is an excellent way of relieving your body muscles of all tension and fatigue. It offers an irresistible relaxation after a long and tiresome day. If you’re new to these gadgets, you might easily be deceived by looks and marketing hype only to fall for scams. So, what should you look for in a bath spa?

One thing you should know is that these tub accessories come in different styles. For instance, reviewed on this list, you’ll find bath mats, water jets and bubbles pumps, and spa pillows. All these aim at offering varying levels of comfort. While pumps are known to deliver Jacuzzi-like experiences, they are expensive, and some break easily. On the other end of the spectrum, pillows are affordable, easy to use, and durable. Unfortunately, they don’t offer bubbles or jets. Next, you should consider the portability of the spa in case you want something to travel with. Most of the units reviewed below are easy to pack and can be used in almost any tub. Let’s explore!

10. Ivation Waterproof Bath Tub Body Spa

  • By: Ivation

Ivation tub mat is entirely waterproof. It measures 47.2’’L by 14.1’’ W and weighs 7 pounds. These measurements are ideal especially for people who travel a lot since it’s easily foldable and portable. It’s powered through a 350-watt circuit safe plug and operated via a remote control. Ivation mat is padded and has a cushioned surface which gives you incredible soothing massages for your utmost relaxation. Besides, it’s simple to use. The only downside with this mat is that it’s equipped with one small suction cup. As such, it doesn’t stay put in the tub. However, since you’ll spend most of the time lying on it, that shouldn’t bother you as such.


  • It’s easily portable
  • It gives powerful jets


  • It has just one suction cup

9. BodyHealt Gentle Jet Luxury Bath Spa

  • By: BodyHealt

BodyHealt works by producing gentle jet water streams that massage away your stress after a long day. It also offers cool bubbles that bring that Jacuzzi-feeling that you’ve always dreamt of right at your home. Unlike the Ivation mat we’ve just reviewed above, BodyHealt is fitted with a strong suction cup attachment that helps it stick to any bath tub surface. In addition, it has an extra long power cord that will easily reach your power sockets.

Unfortunately, most users have reported several flaws with this unit. For instance, some report that some pumps weren’t strong enough. Others point out that their spa devices were extremely loud. Ironically, there’re also others who claim that it exceeded their expectations.


  • It has intuitive controls
  • It has strong suction cups


  • The bubbles aren’t strong enough

8. SereneLife Bubble Bath Tub Spa

  • By: SereneLife

This is another easy-to-use substitute for a Jacuzzi. In terms of design, SereneLife bath tub mat is similar to Ivation. However, the suction cup problem we experienced with Ivation seems to have been better tackled in this model.

It features a fully padded, 100% waterproof and safe mat that offers joyful comfort to your tired body. It also brings a powerful air pump with numerous jets and bubbles to relieve your tension and stress. This pump has a simple control button but can also be operated through a remote control. Moreover, it has a long air hose pipe measuring 8.2ft. This allows you to position it about anywhere within your tub. Do we recommend it? Sure.


  • It’s effective
  • It’s portable


  • Concerns about it being noisy

7. GentleJetSpa Mastex Oxygen-Ion Bath Spa

  • By: GentleJetSpa

For those looking for a simple way to upgrade their bath, you need to consider GentleJetSpa. This is another easily portable and easy to use bath spa. It’s affordable at little over 50 bucks. It comes with a strong suction cup that attaches easily on your smooth tub walls. Again, it also features a handle with which you can hang it to prevent it from slipping into the water. GentleJetSpa works by creating tiny swirling jet bubbles that relief your sore muscles. This helps in improving blood circulation and pressure.

On the downside, several users have raised concerns over less powerful suction cups. However, this can be resolved by hanging it via the handle.


  • It works in a breeze
  • It’s portable


  • Its mounting cups won’t work in textured tubs

6. Conair Dual Jet Bath Spa

  • By: Conair

Our next bath spa comes from Conair, an American company with its headquarters in East Windsor, New Jersey. In fact, you need not be introduced to Conair with all its beauty appliances lying all over your house. Their jet bath spa is one of the best ways to add spa experiences to your bathroom. It costs little over 30 bucks and has a universal design that will fit in most standard bath tubs. Amongst its impressive features is its adjustable handle. This helps it to easily adjust to the water level. In addition, it offers dual jets for maximum muscle relaxation.


  • It’s incredibly affordable
  • It uses dual jets


  • Its motor isn’t powerful enough

5. Dr. Franklyn’s Turbo Spa

  • By: Dr. Franklyn’s

You’ll doubtlessly believe me when I tell you that a bath tub with circulating water currents creates a terrific experience. Now, that’s exactly what this Dr. Franklyn’s bath spa aims at. In comparison to Conair above, this one tends to have a pump with a higher horsepower. As such, it tends to move lots of water in amazingly strong jets. It also has a bubble knob for those who appreciate the great feeling created by bubbles. Again, this spa has been fitted with a spongy filter to trap hairs and dirt from the water.


  • It’s affordable
  • It has powerful jets


  • Its bubbles system fails easily

4. Luxurious Pillow Bath Sponge

  • By: Harrison House

This pillow has been designed and crafted with all your comfort and relaxation needs in mind. It has a professional design that fits well in almost any bathtub and strong non-slip suction cups that keep it place. It’s light and soft and conforms to your body’s back, neck, and head contours to give you unrivaled soothing massages after a long, gruesome day. Moreover, the sponge is made of anti-bacterial mesh that allows water and air and also dries super fast.


  • It doesn’t form mold or mildew
  • It has a 10-year warranty


  • Suction cups fail with time

3. Kendal MS0810M foot spa bath

  • By: Kendal

After a long day standing, or for those who have aching feet, you’ll find it hard to get your feet from this little heaven. This is a UL Listed foot spa bath made of high-quality heat resistant plastics. It works by heating the water to a constant temperature that will consequently promote your feet’s blood circulation and relief fatigue. In addition, it’s also fitted with 2 removable massage rollers that work on your foot bone to eliminate fatigue.


  • It does what it’s meant to do
  • It’s simple to use


  • It’s for the feet only

2. GORILLA GRIP Spa Bath Pillow

  • By: Gorilla Grip

Coming at a little over 10 bucks and with 10 years of warranty, I don’t see why you shouldn’t have this bath pillow in your bath tub now. One regular deal breaker with bath spa units is usually suction cups that won’t stay in place. Now, that has been severely dealt with in this bath pillow. True to its name, it uses 7 suction cups to deliver gorilla grips on your tub. So, you can relax as your read your book or listen to your favorite hits after work.


  • It’s super comfortable
  • It has an unbeatable warranty


  • The head support is a bit small

1. Epica Luxury Spa Pillow

  • By: Epica

This spa bath pillow is our #1 contender. It’s incredibly inexpensive at below 15 dollars and also promises a pretty long time of spa experiences. Epica is made of flexible material and will, therefore, fit in any bath tub. It also conforms to your body and offers optimum support to your back, neck, and head. Unfortunately, despite its irresistible low price tag, Epica isn’t entirely waterproof. With time, it gets water logged and heavy and of no use. So, if you need a reliable pillow, in my opinion, go for Gorilla Grip or Luxurious.


  • It’s insanely cheap
  • It fits most tubs


  • It isn’t waterproof

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